Cell Blanket



Choose any yarn that’s soft and cozy. I used cotton/acrylic yarn in this blanket.
Use hook that suits your chosen yarn, I used 6mm hook.


Starting by making a sl knot and ch multiples of 6 minus 1 (6x-1) until desired width.
Row 1 (WS): ch 2 (ch 2 counts as a dc), dc in the 3rd ch from hook by picking up upper loop and back bump, dc 3 in the same manner, twist the upper loop of the ch toward you and hdc in the back bump and lower loop of the ch, repeat *dc 5, hdc 1* by picking up the loops as mentioned across the row, ending by dc 5. Turn.
Row 2 (RS): ch 2, dc 4, repeat *fphdc 1, dc5* across. Turn.
Row 3: ch 2, dc 1 in the lower loop, repeat *hdc 1 through both loops, dc 5 in the lower loop,* until 3 sts remain, hdc 1, dc 2 in the lower loop. Turn.
Row 4: ch 2, repeat *fphdc 1, dc 5* until 3 sts remain, fphdc, dc 2. Turn.
Row 5: ch 2, dc 4 by picking up a lower loop, repeat *hdc 1 through both loops, dc 5 by picking up a lower loop,*. Turn.
Repeat row 2-5 until desired length, ending with row 2.
In the last row, work one row of sl st to secure the sts.


Video Tutorial